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Stop losing valuable customers to cart abandonment, customer acquisition costs, & low reorder rates. Automate personalized Email+SMS campaigns that drive repeat purchases and boost your bottom line.
Increase Profit, Customer Retention, and Lifetime Value.

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Your DTC Growth Partner

EmailChamps will operate as an extension of your in-house team by creating a powerful set of Email+SMS Campaigns & Flows to generate more revenue, increase click-through rates, and create customer loyalty.

Boost Your Business with Email+SMS Marketing and Reach Customers Instantly

Email+SMS marketing is a powerful tool that allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers through messages. By leveraging this, brands can send targeted promotions, important updates, and personalized messages to their customers, resulting in increased engagement, customer loyalty, and ultimately, higher profits.

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Advanced Strategy Beyond Just SMS+Email

Our team takes a look at your entire marketing funnel to make sure your capturing every hard spend advertising dollars + clicks through a series of optimizations. This includes Pop-Up Management, Integrating Rewards Programs, Review Generation, and Refferal/Ambassadors.

1. List Growth

Did you know the right pop-up offer can be the difference between your list size. We create and optimize using data

2. Advanced Automated Flows

Build automated flows around the full customer lifecycle to create a personalized customer experience and drive revenue growth.

3. Campaigns

Send segmented broadcast campaigns based on the 3 C's (Content, Community, Conversion)

4. Closed Communities

Nurture & educate prospective and existing customers by creating a closed environment for the customers to interact with each other and the brand in a more personal way.


Boost Your Business with Our Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Program is designed to help businesses increase customer retention and boost profits. With a range of features and benefits, it's the perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance customer loyalty.

Increase customer retention and drive repeat purchases.
Boost customer engagement and build brand loyalty.
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Increase Reviews and Boost Your Business

Harness the power of customer reviews to build trust, attract new customers, and grow your business. Our review generation service helps you collect and showcase positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Boost Trust

Collect and showcase positive reviews to build trust and attract new customers.

Increase Sales

Leverage the power of reviews to increase sales and grow your customer base.

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Success Stories

What we've been able to accomplish.

mission liquor success story
Mission Liquor


New Revenue

We helped Mission Liquor scale through our strategic campaign + flow growth initiatives

stardust success story
Stardust Hair


New Revenue

By integrating Email Champs program into their mix, Stardust Hair was able to generate an additional $20K a month in email and sms revenue.

Lulu ave success story
Lulu Ave.


New Revenue

After completing a full audit of their customer life-cycle, we were able to increase Lulu Ave's revenue through email+sms by over $100K integrating loyalty+review programs as well.


Maximize Your Profit and Customer Retention


Discover the power of EmailChamp's email and SMS marketing services. Increase your profit, boost customer retention, and maximize lifetime value with our tailored campaigns and integrated loyalty, review, and referral programs. Take your marketing efforts to the next level and achieve outstanding results.

Email+SMS Marketing

We offer a variety of marketing services to help you grow your business.

Loyalty + Referral

Maximize your reach and engagement with our email marketing services.

Review Generation

Capture more reviews including photos + videos from your customers to create more relevancy and trust with potential consumers

BudPop Grew Monthly Sales By 30%

BudPop came to us a with a common problem. Deliverability rates decreasing, small amount of campaign flow setups, and minimal revenue generated through email

With the help of Wavy Studios proven program, we were able to increase their email open rates, revamp their copy, design, and generate more revenue per recipient

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Happy Clients

Read what our satisfied clients have to say

Our experience with EmailChamps has been exceptional. Their email+SMS marketing services have significantly increased our customer retention and lifetime value.
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Eric Z.

CEO, BudPop

EmailChamps has helped us achieve great results with their integrated loyalty program, review program, and referral program.
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Roxy Akopyan

Founder, Stardust Hair

We are extremely satisfied with the campaign and flow email series provided by EmailChamps. It has significantly boosted our profit.
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David Johnson

Sales Director, DREAMS

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Discover how Wavy Studios can help you increase profit and customer retention.

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